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Gris de grenache Ardèche


The vineyard is located in southern Ardèche, in the communes of Valvignères and Beaulieu. This wine, made from Grenache noir grapes, from selected plots, is grown on hillsides and half-hillsides, on rocky, clay-limestone soil.


The harvest takes place at the beginning of September, at dawn, during the coolest hours of the day in order to preserve a maximum of aromas.
Only the first juices (free-run juice) are kept to extract all the material and aromatic richness while retaining a very salmon colour.

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Orélie Ardèche Rosé


A rose petal colour, lovely aromas of cherry on the nose and on the palate, body and freshness: a rosé that is good in all respects, born from cabernet-sauvignon, grenache noir, gamay and syrah.


Harvest at the end of August for the Gamay and at the beginning of September for the Syrah and the Grenache, during the coolest hours to retain all the aromatic richness of these 4 grape varieties. The grape varieties are vinified separately and then blended to produce a fruity and gourmet wine.

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Costières de Nîmes, Château...

Grape variety :

70% Syrah
30% Grenache noir

History :

This cuvée offers both the personality of Grenache and the character of Syrah. This is a direct pressing rosé, only the first juices will be isolated to produce this traditional cuvée. This wine expresses itself with finesse and will go well with raw and cooked charcuterie or even cold vegetable-based preparations.

Shel-life conservation :

It is recommended to consume this wine within two years of its harvest in order to fully appreciate its freshness and delicacy.

Price €8.33